Short term
inpatient therapy

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Occupational therapy



Restorative therapy

Outpatient therapy

Prehab therapy

Heal, rebuild, strengthen

A short term rehab stay is sometimes required after a hospital stay to continue recovery from surgery, illness, injury, stroke, or other conditions. Our skilled therapists work with you to continue your recovery, help reach your health goals and rebuild and strengthen so you can get back home quickly. 

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If your care plan requires continued therapy after your short term stay, you can continue on an outpatient basis with our therapists whom you've already come to trust.

Working with your doctor, we'll design a care plan that fits your needs, condition, age, and activity level. We’ll also help coordinate a seamless transition from the hospital to our facility, and back home again.

Short term stays vary from 1-3 weeks usually. Your treatment plan will determine your length of stay.

Montello Care Center and most WISH nursing homes accept Medicare, Medicaid, commercial insurance, Medicare replacement plans, long term care insurance, and private pay.

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