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​"Of all the facilities

my husband, Izzy Martinez, has been in the last 5 years...he has gotten the best compassionate, loving care at Montello Care Center."

​"I am very grateful

and blessed to have a most rewarding career as a CNA. Thank you Montello Care Center for my employment of 30 years almost." 

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We strive to provide the best care to seniors that we possibly can. If you've enjoyed your experience with Montello Care Center, please share with others by leaving a review online. If you have any concerns, please let us know directly by calling our Administrator, Brent Meyers, or our Corporate Compliance Officer, Chris Smith. 


Brent Meyers, Administrator: 608-297-2153 or email. 

    Chris Smith, Corporate Compliance Officer: 1-888-980-9987 or email.